Spring! Recycled Cardboard Decor

recycled cardboard door decor
A great idea for cardboard

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Step 1: Cut off a rectangle piece containing the handle from a paper bag

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2. Locate some thin cardboard and cut a longer rectangle, which will become the front of the door decor.

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3. Draw in cursive using pencil, then paint over that with white gouache or any white paint.

4. Use a punch to make shapes to decorate around the lettering.

5. Cut out a matching piece of thicker cardboard, which will become the back.

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6. Paint the handle part white, then tape the handle piece to the “back” (thicker cardboard).

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7. Add strips of foam tape to the front-side of the back piece. Double layer as needed to keep the cardboard from bowing, depending on the thickness of the handle.

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8. Decorate around the lettering of the thin cardboard piece, glue on bits and add white accents as desired.

9. Attach the front piece to the foam tape and hold to adhere.

10. Hang and enjoy!

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