Cards From My Younger Years: A Look Back

Recently I visited my grandma at her home, and she brought out some of the cards I made for her many years ago. Card making is something I started doing when I was very young, and because I really enjoy it, I continue to make cards to this day. There’s no better card  than one you make with your own hands, filled with sentiments you write from your own heart & mind. It’s fun to be able to look back at these, and I only have that ability because my grandma cherished my handmade cards and saved them all these years.

cahds (1 of 9)

A simple marker birthday cake on some beige paper.

Before the multi-colored cardstock packs, I used whatever paper I had. In this case, some construction paper.

cahds (2 of 9)

Hmm… looking at this card, I think I may have crafted it in a very short time. It’s not very elegant, and the design doesn’t look too thought out, but I am amazed that the plastic gems are still adhered to it years later 🙂

cahds (3 of 9)

Plain printer paper, how fancy. But it didn’t need to be. I made it, and it took more time and thought than finding a store-bought card.

cahds (4 of 9)

And what store-bought card has a bear on the inside with the words “Happy Birthday Grandma” surrounding it? I’ll bet none.

cahds (5 of 9)

Here’s another one that was uber simple in its design: a small rose. Kudos to the jagged edge and the crayon outline, though. And the inner design is quite unique…

cahds (6 of 9)

A vine that runs down the center of the card.

cahds (7 of 9)

and the “Kellmark” seal of approval. Now that’s a brand I can get behind. (2002)

cahds (8 of 9)

And finally, a colored-pencil masterpiece on some pale pink construction paper (2002)

cahds (9 of 9)

This angle better catches the glittery sheen I added over the top. I was an experimenter dabbling in cutting-edge design…. or so I thought, haha.

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