Bead & Sequin Garland

Bead & Sequin GarlandBead & Sequin GarlandBead & Sequin Garland on Window

I’ve had some beads and sequins that I got as presents many years ago. I used to bead, but I don’t much anymore, and I never could find a good use for the uniquely-shaped sequins that didn’t end up getting sewn onto something. Desiring something interesting to catch light from the window, I decided to put the sequins and beads to use and make a colorful garland. I got some thread and a needle and spread out the items on a plate so they’d be easy to grab. Then I spent about 20 minutes adding the items to the thread in no particular order (other than spacing out the sequins among the beads). The best part of this project is it can be temporary, and the items can be unstrung and re-used in future projects.

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