DIY 4th of July Decoration

DIY Fourth of July Decoration
DIY 4th of July Decoration

I finally decided to make a 4th of July decoration since I don’t have any. Of course I could have gone to the store and bought some, but when you have cardstock and basic tools, why not create something specific to your taste?

Easy Steps:

  1. Cut red and blue cardstock into (4) 1-inch strips. Cut white cardstock into (2) 1-inch strips.
  2. Take 2 strips of each color and stack on top of one another. Hold stack at the top, fan the strips out and staple them together to make the bottom portion of the decoration.
  3. Tape strips together on the back to secure them. Then cut the last strip in the fan on an angle to maintain symmetry.
  4. Cut triangles into the bottom of each strip to make banners.
  5. Punch stars out of the 3 colors of cardstock and glue to the fanned strips.
  6. To make the top, cut out two stars out of cardstock. I printed out stars, secured them to cardstock by stapling outside the star lines and cutting along the print lines.
  7. Arrange leftover paper strips over the big star and use glue runner to glue down. Cut overlapped strips to fit the star.
  8. Use a marker to print words on the smaller star, then adhere over big star.
  9. Tape both the top and bottom together on the back.
  10. Glue a final tiny star to the big star.

Materials: Red, white and blue cardstock, glue stick/glue runner, computer printer or star stencil, scissors, tape, star punch or star stickers, fine-tip marker, paper cutter or ruler & pencil


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