Red and Teal Birthday Card

Red and Teal Boy Birthday Card
Teal paper makes vibrant stripes

One of the many reasons I make my own greeting cards lies in my ability to create a card specifically for a particular person. Instead of walking into a retail store and searching the shelves for something that he or she might like (and hopefully has not already received from someone else) – I can think of their interests, favorite colors and hobbies -or even a recent joke we may have made together. There is never a question of whether the recipient liked the card, either. Or wonder as to how quickly he or she recycled it away. Some people preserve them. Others display them. And when I may, once a year, resort to a store-bought card for a multi-person send (eg: Christmas cards) or other reason, I notice the unintentional signs of disappointment from people in the fact that it was not a custom-made design by me. But is cardmaking a dying art? I hope not. And so do those who depend on them for the joy that they bring, no matter how small.

Materials: Cardstock and cardstock strips in two colors contrasting to the background, glue, printer or pen (to write greeting by hand), scissors, special scissors for greeting edge design (optional)

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