Handwritten Quote on Watercolor

Handwritten Quote on Watercolor

Surrounding yourself with wise words can be both motivational and inspiring, so what better way to display a favorite quote than with a customized background that emphasizes its significance.

For this artsy quote, I chose to create a colorful and exciting backdrop with balanced chaos and swirling lines, inspired by ribbons and celebratory streamers. To create this, begin with a square of watercolor paper and select your color palette. Then paint away–letting your imagination take over, keeping in mind the quote your are going to display. When dried completely, embellish with markers and perfect any jagged lines or shapes (if desired).

Next, use a ruler to pencil in faint lines where your words will go. Write out on a scrap piece of paper to assure the arrangement and font are okay. I used a cursive font and permanent red marker to write out the quote, but painting or printing work just as well.

Materials: Watercolor paper, ruler, pencil, marker/printer/paint for writing, watercolors, water, brush, paper towel, markers for embellishing 

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