Festive Painted Pine cones

pinecones1 (1 of 1)
Painted pine cones look great with gradients or multi-colored scales

Festive Painted Pine ConesFestive Painted Pine Cones

While pine cones are naturally beautiful the way the are, painting them with custom color palettes can lead to bolder, festive decorations. Before painting, be sure to clean the pine cones. I submerged these in a mixture of bleach and water before drying them and beginning the painting process.

While spray paint may be quick and easy, acrylic paint allows for more precise painting and better control during application. I used acrylic paint I already had, adding white to the blue to create a wintry gradient for some, and mixing deep warm reds and oranges for autumn-themed cones. Apply multiple paint layers for richer color or less for a washed look. Gather, clean, repeat.

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