DIY Halloween Ghosts

DIY Halloween Ghosts
These tiny table ghosts took just 5 minutes to make

DIY Halloween Ghosts

If you are need of some last minute Halloween decor to add a little more fright to your night, try these 5-minute DIY table ghosts.

Grab some white cardstock and cut it into small rectangles. Use a pencil to trace the ghosts or just use scissors to cut the simple shapes free style. Once you have your ghost bodies, use a black marker to create eyes and mouths, adding silver circles around the eyes for added interest. Once the ghosts are completed, cut thin strips of the white cardstock and bend three times to create a triangle stand. Glue the stand together and then glue to your ghosts.

Happy Halloween!

Materials: White cardstock, black marker, silver metallic marker, scissors, glue, pencil (optional)

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