Halloween Wall Decor

Halloween Wall Decor
This one-sided DIY Halloween decor piece is perfect for a window or wall

Last week I posted a DIY 2-sided Halloween door decoration that reveals more than a few spooky faces for scares on Halloween night. For a quicker alternative, try this one-sided Halloween decoration that hangs from a recycled calendar tube.

To create this, begin by making the three letters for BOO. Use your imagination and try to use a scheme of the same colors. For a web effect as seen on the B, use black construction paper and a silver metallic marker for the spiderweb. Once you have the three letters completed, begin to customize the dangles as you like. I chose to make the dangles out of squares of yellow, orange and purple about 1.5 inches wide/tall.

For the spider I used a hole punch on neon green cardstock to make the eyes. Then I used a stencil to get the perfect circle for the spider’s body. Cut out the body and create the legs, making sure the top legs are slightly longer than the lowest ones. Glue (or tape since it will only show one side) the spider pieces together. Add paper lips and silver fangs if desired.

For the candy corns I made two rounded-corner triangles out of orange cardstock and traced the top and bottoms of them onto white and yellow cardstock to create the layers of the corn. Cut out and glue together.

I decided to have the middle dangle be slightly longer than the rest, so I added Happy Halloween onto two little rectangles with black marker. Create a black border with marker or by mounting to a black piece of paper/cardstock, and add additional pieces for length if you want.

Once all the pieces for the Halloween decoration are completed, measure out your threads and lay out the design before taping the pieces to them. Measure the distance between each piece or eye it. Hang up on a wall or window and reuse this fun decoration year after year.

Materials: Cardstock in many colors, ruler, pencil, tape or glue, metallic markers, thread, black marker for writing, hole punch, calendar tube for base (or use piece of cardboard/ whatever you have that works)

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