DIY Halloween Door Decor

DIY Halloween Door Decor
Stand out this Halloween with custom door art
DIY Halloween Door Decor
Double-sided danglers make for more Halloween fun

DIY Halloween Door Decor

Harvest some creativity this Halloween season by creating custom decorations for your home. Whether you like zombies, monsters or assorted ghouls- creating custom decorations allows you to create unique designs that fit your space. I wanted something that interacted with the autumn wind, so this is what I created.

Begin with a square of cardstock, and use a computer to print out a Halloween message in a creepy font. Cut out another piece of cardstock in the exact same size, this will make the back of the decoration. Embellish the square to your liking. I chose to add witch hat stickers, a crow (stamped) and some metallic spiderwebs. When this is complete, begin creating the dangles.

For the dangling strands I used old yellow thread that I had in my craft box. Punch out circles of cardstock to go between your characters. Make sure you punch two circles (a front and a back) for each dot you want. Then construct characters out of cardstock, making sure to trace the outline so you make a different face for front and back. Then cut three pieces of string of equal length or one longer (like I did), and tape them to the back of the square. Arrange the characters and circles on the strings before gluing. Once decided, Glue the pieces to the strings and secure the backs. Press and hold until stuck together. When done, glue the back square of cardstock and secure the decor to your door.

Materials: Cardstock in multiple colors, scissors, glue, metallic markers, pencil, thread/string, printer or marker for writing, stamp (optional), circle punch, markers for details

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