Scrap Card with a Bow!

Scrap Card with Bow
This vibrant card was made using scraps (and stickers)

Paper scraps take on a new life when re-organized onto a new handmade card. The best way to go about creating a scrap card is to dump out a handful of scraps against a paper background of your choice and arrange as desired before gluing down.

For this particular card, I used patterned triangle scraps and a long red orange cardstock strip for the midsection.  To create the bow tails, I cut two slender rectangles of cardstock the same size, then cut out a triangle in the bottom of each. I drew one side of the bow “loops” on a small square of cardstock, then cut it out, traced and replicated it so the bow had two sides. I glued the pieces of the bow together and affixed a heart sticker to the paper seam. Star stickers were added for extra sparkle.

Materials: Cardstock for card base, paper scraps, stickers, glue, scissors, pencil

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