Crafty & Colorful Paper Name Decoration

Crafty colorful paper name decoration

Colorful patterned paper makes great block lettering for a personalized name decoration. Get inspired by whatever you have. In this case I chose colorful polka dot paper paired with a bold, red background.

Cut squares of paper (equal to the amount of letters in the name) to one specific size (I did 2″ x 2″). Draw letters lightly in pencil and cut out. Use a punch or craft knife to cut out spaces scissors won’t reach. Use a ruler to create faint pencil lines on your background paper to act as a guide for letter placement- if desired. Finally, Leave the background plain or embellish a bit- it’s up to you.

Materials:@ least 2 different craft papers (1 for background, 1 for letters), scissors, pencil, glue, punch or craft knife (if needed), embellishments & ruler


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